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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Internet Business Coaching for beginners by Ewen Chia !!

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.....but teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime $$$

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.....but teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime $$$
 WS = WebSite make $$$$$
Potential earnings from registering a website to start a internet business is HUGE, projected 5,000,000,000 owners and we will show you how to MAKE MONEY!
 In November 2000, less than nine months after launching .WS to the global Internet community, GDI announced it had sold over 100,000 .WS registrations to customers such as Yahoo!, Intel, Cisco, Dell, KODAK, Apple Computers, and other companies and individuals in more than 180 countries. Voted as the most potential entrepreneur business with worldwide RANKING at 37 among all FORTUNE 500 Listed Companies in US. And GDI is debt free with strong growing revenue worldwide through home base ONLINE business and BY WORD OF MOUTH $$$$$
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·         No selling required
·         Own a professional done website free
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·         Work at home or anywhere with a internet line !!!
·         Free online training & support at GDI forum & myself, tips from reputable internet guru’s
And, you’ll get yourown web site that you can design yourself, a personalized address on the world wide web, and up to 10 custom email accounts.

My own business website
What is required of you as a internet entrepreneur :
It’s easy! All you have to do is pass out a flyer just like this one to the people you know and tell them how they can get their own web site, OR just email them a User ID like mine below! You don’t need any experience or need to know how. (If you’re under 18, you will need the assistance of a parent to get started, so be sure to ask Mom or Dad for help after you’ve watched the 7 minute movie at the web site below)

http://WWW.MY.WS      TYPE your sponsor ID : WendyPhangg

Questions?  Email me at:

Friday, June 18, 2010

If you can sell ICE to the Eskimos, you can start an enterprise business too

"If you can sell ICE to the Eskimos, you definitely  possessed an ENTERPRISE SPIRIT".
Miss Arowana
Talking about 'enterprise', many people that we know like our neighbour, friends, colleagues, relatives and probably ONE of your family member is very penny wise and competitive in their daily lives. They are doing 'business everyday' either turning their role as a SELLER or BUYER once they come in contact with another fellow human anywhere. You will see these individuals go about collecting used tins, old newspapers and books or used electrical goods to sell back to junk store and make money. Some individual will give tuition during their spare time or engage in a hobby like taking professional photos, freelance writing articles, magic show performance, martial arts class, wash your neighbor's car, babysitting for weekends, make and design goods with clay, convert favourite photos to make cross-stitch pattern frame and make jewelery for sale in the flea market or breed exotic fish and dogs for sale at home. 
The traditional type of small enterprise individual still survived until today at remote housing area. They cycle from house to house delivering fresh goats milk,  company flyers, nasi lemak, fried bananas, ice-cream, breads and capati !!! Some vendors sell fish, meat and vegetables with their motorcycles in my neighbourhood, Wanga Maju. Others will sell drinks and snacks outside the schools. This type of enterprise do benefit the community specially now when our country petrol price is going up! This type of traditional business of distributing goods and services with a motorcycle has make a come back in Japan and Malaysia with company like Yakult and Vitagen inviting individuals to participate in the business scheme.

Tips: Once I saw a man performing a dance ritual right in front of his truck selling all sizes of lady handbags in a small commercial neighbourhood. His enterprising spirit is ' a loud speaker with a bang of music' plus his free dance performance to capture attention. Yes in Kuala Lumpur, you can also find such vendors in Thailand tourist hotspot.

 Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.....but teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime $$$

There are  BIG QUESTIONS to answer when you set yourself to venture into business :
1. What is the business plan?  
2. Capital start-ups means how much is needed to start a mobile stall?
3. What is the popular food that people likes and can carry to eat when they are strolling the street? Since each country has different taste buds, you can talk to the local vendors to give you some tips
5. Search for good location where you can trade with proper vendor license
6. Find out from Government Agency to check if they provide financial support and other alternatives
7. Register your business
8. Search for suppliers and catering equipment
9. Give a reasonable time frame to set up your business, small vendor business will get started less than a 45 days unless you want a pre-design mobile catering station!!!
10. Get someone to backup the whole operation in case you are not available because its a 365 days open for business
11. Last be POSITIVE and PERSISTANT in what you do want.

 Before you start searching for answers to the above BIG QUESTIONS, you must read this GUIDE BOOK on 100% recession proof and profitable Mobile Food Stall. This is an absolutely amazing opportunity you can’t miss out on which save time and money…

 Product Review - Sid & Pamela
"Finally started in business I enjoy"

“Just wanted to say thank you for a great course. Me and my wife are now successfully running our own mobile food business and continue to use the advertising techniques from the books. It’s surprising the amount of caterers who don’t even know some of this information and end up broke because of it. I’m very pleased we took you up on your offer and continue to profit with the information and strategies inside. All the best”

Sid & Pamela, New Jersey, USA

 Product Review - Neil
"Making real money in a job I enjoy"

“Hey Mike, This course is great. I’ve been a chef for a number of years and have wanted to start up my own food trailer business for a long time. Your eBooks were a great source of knowledge for me and I often refer to them for a recap. I’m now earning a lot more than I used to in any previous jobs and am happily trading in my own mobile catering unit at various pitches around the country. Thanks”

Neil, Manchester, UK

For more information on how to start a mobile food stall Click Here! 

Can't find what you want, visit my Virtual Information Mall for other hobbies or hot topics...
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May you be blessed,
Wendy Phangg
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